Monday, February 9, 2009

New Spinning Project

I'm so excited! I have new wool! I ordered 1 lb of mill end roving from Sheep Shed Studio last Friday and got it today, Monday!!! Thanks Carol Lee! I ordered the brown colorway and here it is. Isn't it beautiful? The colors range from nearly white through a rich caramel color with a few streaks of very dark brown. Here is a closer look. It almost reminds me of the coloring on a chipmunk with the dark brown stripe between the white stripes. I made a spindle using a rubber grommet, 2 cds and a wooden dowel. I didn't put a hook in the dowel, I'm just putting a half hitch knot at the top and its working well as a bottom whorl spindle. I'm very, very happy with what I have spun so far. It is much superior to the first roving I spun up. This is so soft and silky and I can draft it out very thin. Here is a close up of my spindle and single so far. If you look back at my earlier post you will see the difference between this single and the one with the blue yarn. This one is very even and very thin where the blue roving was much harder to draft and was thick and thin. Out of 8 oz of the blue roving I only got 171 yards. I'm looking forward to much more of the brown. I have even been able to keep the spindle spinning and draft instead of parking and drafting. I think its much more even this way.