Friday, January 22, 2010

Completed Crocus Toe Up Socks!

Ok, done with these socks! They are incredibly soft and comfy since they are made from 100% Alpaca fiber. I love the color pattern. I used Wilma Becker's pattern but dropped down a size on the needles to get a tighter fit since the stitch count was set for the pattern. This is my first attempt at any lace pattern and I really liked it. I may try a shawl soon since I do have several fingerling weight sock yarns in my stash. I'm trying to decide what to cast on next. I think I need a light color yarn for a change so its easier to see. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alpaca Crocus Toe Up Socks

Time to update everyone on the socks currently on the needle. This is lovely sock yarn, 100% Alpaca yarn and the pattern is a treat. Its by Wilma Becker from my Sock Toe Up yahoo group. I made the toe a bit more narrow rather than rounded and it feels better. I also went down a needle size as the pattern calls for specific number of stitches and I wanted the socks to be a bit more snug. I'm pretty happy with these and the stitch pattern is quite easy. It was a way to ease into lace.