Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby Clothes

I've never done any baby knitting. I wasn't knitting when my children or grandchildren were born. I wasn't confident enough to knit for the few friends of mine who had babies. And then my best friend's daughter had a baby boy and my new step-son and daughter in law had a baby girl, both this year! Yay!!! One of each!!! So the first thing I did was knit the famous Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. Very easy pattern but you have to trust the pattern and just knit it! That was for Krysten's baby boy Aiden. The challenge here was that Aiden was born premature and I had to figure out how to size the pattern. In the end I just knit the smallest size I could figure out, out of cotton yarn. Its too big for him, but he can grow into it...
Then I found a lovely pattern for my new granddaughter Brielle called  Seamless Yoked Sweater by Carole Barenys. It was easy and knit up really fast. I used a soft acrylic yarn for easy care from JoAnn called Sensations Cuddle Muffin. It is really lovely to work with. I also found a sock pattern online at Discontinued Yarns for a simple baby sock. 
I'm looking forward to more baby knitting as these one grow up. I've also started collecting patterns and making lists of what I want to knit for my older grandchildren now that I have more time to knit.