Saturday, March 4, 2017

Back at it!

I had a bad week last week. I got a cold that developed into a flu like illness. I didn't get tested but had all the symptoms without fever. I missed an entire week of work. However I did have some time with cold medicine that I could get some stuff done and I'll show you that a little later. First a fitness update! I did miss a week of workouts and gained 0.4 lbs. But I got right back on the wagon when I felt better. I finished up the 10 days of Workout 1 on the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and started on Workout 2. When I weighed in this week I was down 2 lbs!!! for a total of 3.6 lbs lost. I have lost a total of 9.25 inches. The workout pants I had bought a month before on sale were TOO BIG! and sliding down like Hammer pants.... So I splurged and bought some new ones at Walmart. Super happy with the fit and they stayed up.
I did some sewing last week. I completed a top using a Colette pattern called Sorbetto. I need to wear it to see if I like it enough to make more, but I'm quite happy with the fit so far.

I also made the bias cut dress by Fabric Store online. It is called the Zina dress and uses their 5.3 oz linen fabric. The dress is cut on the bias for nice drape. The pattern file had both files to print on regular paper and on 36" wide printer. I took the file to Staples and got it printed on the wide printer for $9.
I need to work on the bust darts a little but otherwise I'm very happy.

I also completed the floral skirt from the pattern I made from an existing skirt.

I finished up two pair of socks, the knee high gradient self stripe dyed by Twist Fiber Studio
And the Traveler socks using Knit Picks Felici in the Traveler colorway

I had to restart the Lush Cardigan because I messed up on the lace band that makes the yoke. I got the lace panel finished. I have also done up to the neck band and down from the lace to putting the stitches for the sleeves on holders and knitting for the body.

Again this yarn is dyed by Twist Fiber Studio.

I'm working on socks I cast on Valentine's Day. This is the colorway Sweetness by Fibernymph Dye Works on her Bounce base. I am doing them toe up using the Blueberry Waffle pattern and the Fish Lips Kiss heel. I am currently doing the top ribbing on the first sock. But I don't have a picture of this. It is in my home made Japanese Knot Bag. Its a free tutorial on the webs.

Last but not least, hubby gave me an early birthday present! He got me a spin dryer from Laundry Alternative. I have been trying to find a used one but keep missing them. So he told me to order it. I'll be using it today to spin out my socks and hose from the past couple of weeks.
That is about it for now. We did purchase a 2007 Honda Element to use as a daily driver to keep the miles off the new Ridgeline. I'm excited as I always wanted an Element. They are so versatile! And we did the title and tag on the camper so we will be ready when it is warmer! Can't wait!!!!

Hope you had a great couple of weeks and until next time Be Creative!!