Saturday, January 28, 2017

Keeping it going...

This last week was a good one. I worked out every day, even though I tried to wimp out last night. Hubby said I would be sorry if I did so I worked out... he was right! I am truly enjoying this Jillian Michael's Beginner Shred. I transitioned from Workout 1 to Workout 2 and have different areas sore. The most exciting thing is that I am seeing progress every week! As I approached the scale this morning I was telling myself that it was ok if I didn't lose any weight cause I know I am feeling better. My tight black jeans were less tight this week. So yeah, thats a win even if I didn't lose more weight. BUT I DID!!!!!!!!!  I lost 0.8 lbs.!!!!!! I also lost another 0.25-0.5 inches from my measurements.

I found buttons for my Clayoquot Cardigan by Tin Can Knits. I finished the button bands last weekend. I plan to steam the sweater to set the button bands and I'm planning to put it in the dryer with my towels when I wash them to see if I can get it to shrink up just a bit more. One thing I have learned with super wash yarn and sweaters is that I probably need to go down a size to account for the "grow" factor. My next sweater is the Lush Cardigan, also by Tin Can Knits. It already calls for 2" of ease so I will definitely go down a size. Pretty good match on the buttons, huh?

While I was at JoAnn's I picked up some yarn (cause I don't have enough). I got a skein of Scrubby which is used to make kitchen scrubby cloths. It is to be crocheted. I've looked at it several times and decided to try it out. 

And these two skeins of Deborah Norville Everyday yarn. I liked the colors, its soft, its acrylic and anti-pill. I know it won't be really warm but I could use a long cowl for a slightly warmer day that I am looking more for decoration than warmth. And its pretty... It is worsted weight. And its pretty... 

 I didn't do any knitting this week after the button bands on the Clayoquot as my carpal tunnel is acting up so I started wearing my brace at night again and gave it a bit of a rest from knitting. I am waiting on an appointment to see the hand doctor. Probably a steroid injection will fix me up.

That is it for this week. I'll leave you with a shot outside my office window. I love the view. Just as the sun came over the mountain. Be good to each other!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Let's see where we are...

In November I started thinking about my goals for the next year. I knew that I needed to get back to exercise and diet and so started talking about fitness goals with a friend who is a personal trainer. I wanted to find solutions for some specific obstacles due to the remote, rural area we live in and our work schedule. So once again I'm jumping on the fitness bandwagon. I have tried lots of things over the past few years since it has become increasingly important to keep a fitness level that will allow me to function. I have some significant arthritis in my hands, feet, ankles and hips and its important to keep the weight under control and keep moving. Last year I bought a DVD and never used it. I pulled it out last week and started it. It is Jillian Michael's Beginner Shred. I'm really happy with it. I can do the exercises, was SORE the first couple of days but now just feel the work on the body. In the first week I lost 0.4 lbs. and between 1/4" to 1/2" off all my measurements. This is the DVD I'm using. After I finish it I will move on to the 30 Day Shred. 

In addition to that I started thinking about my crafting progress for the current year and goals for the next year. I thought about what I had accomplished in 2016 and how I wanted to move forward. I came up with the following goals:
  • Increase spindle spinning
  • Learn to use Russian supported spindles
  • Knit SAFF themed yarns
  • Knit a minimum of two sweaters
  • Explore Inkle patterns
That feels doable as well as challenging. So starting the new year I'm showing all my current projects in their current state. Going forward I will probably only show things that I actively work on in the time between posts. 

I spent some time today pulling out and photographing my WIP's (works in progress). I really don't have many, especially if I don't count the long term scrap yarn projects. Not that they are not WIP's but they are not intended to have a specific end. Just when they are "enough" they will be done. 

Gradient Knee Socks - Ashley gave me a set of gradient self striping skeins last summer to knit up into socks. Since I have small feet and short legs these are going to be knee socks to use up as much of the gradient as I can. I started with the darkest at the toes and I'm knitting toe up, two at a time. I added calf increases. Currently I have about 2" to knit until I can do the ribbing. I probably won't get all the yarn used up but I will be into the lightest of the gradient. 

Mountain Laughter Shawl - This is a shawl designed by Kristy Bryson and Ashley dyed yarn and designed a project bag to match. Its lovely and a very fun knit. It has sections of garter stitch both solid and striped separated by a beautiful lace pattern. 

Clayoquot Cardigan - This cardigan is by Tin Can Knits. Ashley dyed the colors for me and the body is the same DK weight yarn undyed. This is a stranded knit pattern and is knit in the round and steeked. I am done with the knitting and am ready to steek, and knit the button bands. 

Traveler Socks - This is Knit Picks Felici in the Traveler colorway. I really love the yarn. I can see why it is so popular. I will probably get more in future. I will do a traditional afterthought heel so as not to interrupt the color stripe. I normally do two at a time socks but with the specific stripe sequence which will help me make them the same size. 

Long Term WIP's - I have 3 sock yarn scrap projects. I am working on a Mitered Square Blanket,

and a Barn Raising Blanket...

and a Scrappy Cowl...

As part of my craft goals was to do more spindle spinning and learn to use a Russian Supported Spindle. The Russian spindle specifically because I have two that I haven't tried to use. The red fiber below has been on my spindle for a few years. I am spinning on the small lightweight spindle and plying on the turkish. I purchased a couple of old salt cellars to use as bowls for the supported spindle and have started playing with that. 

I have a couple of sewing projects in the works. The first is a combination of sewing and weaving. I am making a bag with leftover weaving and I found a fabric scrap that coordinated. Then I got some crochet cotton and wove an inkle band to use as a strap. The grinch fabric is for a Christmas stocking for my daughter's youngest. I have made one for all her kids as well as her and my son-in-law.

To honor our new camper I am working on some embroidery. I'm nearly done with the counted cross stitch project. The other project is traditional embroidery and I will have to practice the stitches before I begin but I will be using the white cotton and will use the time old process of taping the pattern to the window and trace it onto the fabric. I used to do this on the x-ray light boxes at work in the old days but alas no longer have access to those.... 

I have weaving on the loom. I am making placemats for my table that will coordinate with my dishes. I have one finished and at the edge of the second one. There will be six in total. This is a draft I found on line and its is Bronson lace.

And last but not least I had a great mail day yesterday. I was looking to spend some of my Christmas money and saw Fibernymph's preview for her update. I fell in love with her new Valentine's self striping colorways and also was wanting to make the Flurry Cowl. So I set a timer to remind me of the start of the update and managed to snag the Sweetness colorway and the Flurry Cowl kit in the colors I wanted. This is special because I rarely order online. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 Wow!

I have re-started this blog several times over the years after a gap in time and this year is no different. Except that this time I am not putting time constraints on me, as in I will blog every X. That leads me to failure.

I do have a reason for restarting this and its accountability. Maybe that is my word for this year, accountability. I'm no different than a lot of people in that I do not like to work out. Ever. But I have noticed that a little bit of on and off again workouts no longer has much effect. I did all that workout last year on the elliptical and weight machine and felt more fit but didn't lose any weight. I have made a few more changes in the diet and now have started the Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred workout. I've just done day 2. It has 3 workouts that you do for 10 days each. We will see how much effect it has.

And while we are talking about weight let me just say something here. You do not have to be 300 lbs to be overweight. Many times I avoid mentioning how much I weigh because I get judged for ONLY being 128 lbs. STOP IT! Stop judging me because I don't weigh enough to make you think I'm fat. I am only 4'8" tall. At 128 lbs it puts my BMI at 28.7 and a healthy BMI is under 25. So yes, I am overweight. Much more and I would be obese. My ideal weight, and my goal is 100 lbs. Up until I was 40 I weighed between 85 and 90 lbs. For me that was a healthy weight. In 16 years I have gained about 40 lbs. So yes, I do need to lose even if I am "only" 128 lbs.

So this will be more than just about fiber arts. And may not be regular, but since it is for me I guess it doesn't matter. Maybe next time there will be progress pictures. Of me or my crafting. Who knows.

Happy New Year everyone! Make it a great one!