Monday, April 13, 2009

My how time flies......

I can't believe its been so long since I've posted. Especially since the last post I joined a spinning guild called the North Texas Spinners who meet the 2nd Sunday in Denton, TX. They are a great bunch of women (and the husbands are nice too :)). I really had a good time. I took my fiber from my previous post and showed them what I had done so far. Linda had me sit down at her spinning wheel to try it out and I spun up the black and white fiber that Carol Lee from Sheep Shed Studio sent me as a sample along with the brown. Here is a picture of that after I spun it and plied 2 singles together. I had such a great time spinning with her wheel and really hated to leave it. I was talking to the women about their wheels and looking at the various types when I started talking to Emily. I said I was really interested in the Kromski wheels. She said she had a Sonata that she wasn't using and if I wanted to I could borrow it! WOW!!!! My mind went into overdrive. Not one to procrastinate :), 2 days later I went up to Emily's house for a lesson. The Sonata is one of the wheels I was most interested in as it folds for travel. It even comes with a padded travel bag. As I had said, I had spun the black and white roving on Linda's wheel and then Emily showed me how to ply it using both ends of a center pull ball. Its really lovely. I think I will just keep it at a reminder of what I first spun. Then I started spinning the brown and white roving on the Sonata. I did try out one of her other wheels (can't remember what its called right now) but I really loved spinning on the Sonata. I took it home and started spinning. I've nearly spun up the brown and its making a lovely tweed looking yarn. Here is a picture of the single plied from both ends of a center pull ball from the drop spindle in the previous post. I just love the wheel. I have 2 skeins of brown and white ready to set the twist and am just waiting on the rest before doing it. I'm going to order white roving next and spin some up for the next meeting in May because we are going to be dying with indigo at that meeting. It should be great. Hope you enjoy my spinning adventures. I'll keep you posted.

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