Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I finished my brother's socks last night! I love them and hope he will too. But since they are for Christmas I won't have any pictures until then. They went really well and I would use that yarn again. I'll be interested to see how it holds up. Now its on to finishing my anklets and getting started on Katie and Dax's Christmas Stockings. I will probably cast on for the first one today. I have decided to do them in single colors. I think they will look nicer that way. Pictures soon I hope! This will be my first felting project. Here is a look at the yarn I will be using for them.
I love the yarn and with the white eyelash yarn in the cuff they will be really nice.

I'm also starting an afghan for Katie. She wants to decorate her bedroom in blue and browns and I found this yarn at Walmart.
And I'm using a hexagon crochet pattern. I'm going to crochet up the 2 skeins of varigated yarn and then go looking for coordinating shades of blue and brown to make up enough for a good size. The ones I have done so far look like this.

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