Saturday, May 1, 2010

Seaside Shawlette Blocked

Yea! The Seaside Shawlette is done! I'm very happy with how this came out. Its lovely and soft and a perfect weight for a lightweight cover when sitting in the evenings and knitting. It will also be a perfect wrap for going to a restaurant in the summer when you have summer tops on and they have the air conditioning blasting away! It folds up very nice and compact so its easy to carry along. It was easier than I first thought it would be and makes a great stay at home project. It takes a bit more concentration to keep your place in the charts. I think I will be making more shawls in the future. I used less than 1 skein of Schaefer Anne yarn in the Bay Leaf, Sage and Rosemary colorway and Wendy Johnson's pattern Seaside Shawlette. I haven't weighed the left over yarn but it feels like about half. I'm going to see if I have enough left to make socks.


  1. Michelle--this is BEAUTIFUL! I hope you bring it to SnB--even if you did last week!


  2. Thanks Tevilla! I'll try to remember to bring it with me this week.