Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winging It Socks

I'm starting some new socks. I've wanted to use this yarn for a while that I got from my friend Amanda Truan. It was during one of her destash sessions. I am not using a pattern, hence the winging it. I didn't want to use any pattern stitches because the color changes will make a great pattern. I did not do a swatch with my 00 addi turbo circular needles so I will just have to try on the toe cup to see how much to increase. I love the gusset heel that Wilma Becker uses so I will use that heel. I'm also doing two at a time which is my preferred method. I did make an effort to match up the color repeat so these should be fairly close to matching. I only did that because I only had to sacrifice about 18" of yarn. This yarn is Maxim Prints and is very soft. It is 80% Lana Merino Superwash and 20% nylon. As I said, very soft. No matter how many projects I have going I have to have socks. This will be very portable as they don't have a pattern to concentrate on.

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