Monday, January 19, 2009

First roving spun!

I've done it! I've finished spinning the first roving and have set the twist and used a ball winder to wind into a center pull ball.
Now, what to do with it..... I have ended up with about 171 yards and it is definitely thick and thin. I did get more consistent but it is not even.
I think its made more uneven by using the park and draft method but I was unable
to get the hang of spinning the spindle and drafting.
I may not have the right kind of spindle. Maybe I need to make a CD spindle with a bottom whorl. Not sure.
I do think that I will be able to get more even singles if I get a spinning wheel, but that is far down the road. I'll need to practice with my spindle more. I need to get more wool.
I don't have a drum carder or hand carders so I need something that is ready to spin but not sure what to get. Anyway, I have included some pictures of my yarn. I can't think of anything to knit with this, any suggestions? I'll probably end up with a scarf since there isn't much yarn, only 171 yards. I would have more if I had spun thinner singles but this is the first one.


  1. Lovely yarn! with that yardage, you can get a nice soft scarf, or a hat and matching mitts.

    Do a search on Etsy on SALE fiber or DESTASH fiber. I have several in my favorites that are as much as 8oz. for $10 (very cheap). Usually the going price for fiber is $3-4 an ounce, more for pure merino or superwash.

    my7kids at Etsy
    HeartFeltFun at Etsy
    My Thoughts on Life, Yarn, Kids, and other stuff

  2. oh by the way, you can access my favorites to see what rovings/batts are there. I spin, and my 13yo just started, and my 10 yo wants to. On a single income, I have to get fiber as cheaply as possible... so I have some good choices earmarked.