Wednesday, December 24, 2008

1st Skein

Well, I have finished my first skein of handspun yarn! You can see there are thick and thin spots but I am working on being more consistent with the next batch. This is just 1/4 of the roving and spun up to 32.5 yards. I don't know how many WPI it is but that would vary with the thick and thin bits. Overall I'm happy but I'm going to spin up the rest and see how it goes. I still need to do the spin and park method for now, can't seem to get the hang of letting it spin while drafting. I'm sure that will come with time. I really do think a spinning wheel is in my future though. I will continue to research that as they are very expensive.


  1. Hi Michele~ ~ ~

    Your yarn looks very nice. I haven't been spinning for long either just remember with practice it will all come together. I am so much better then when I first started.

  2. Michele,

    Is your yarn singles at the moment? Meaning not plied with another single? It looks very good to me! Some of us out here wish we could get back to that way of spinning!