Friday, July 17, 2009

New Spinning Wheel!!!!

Ok, I realize that its been a few months since I got the wheel but I got it! For those of you who saw my earlier post the dark wheel was borrowed (thanks Emily). Now I have my own. I got my new Sonata in May and then ordered the Jumbo Flyer about 2 weeks later. I absolutely love my wheel. I feel as though I have been working my way through various crafts until I found the one I'm supposed to be doing. Not that I don't love working with fabric while sewing and quilting and yarn in knitting and crocheting and my jewelry making, but spinning feels like it completes me. I was born about 150 years too late I think! Anyway, my new wheel is here and my next few posts will be of the yarn I have spun on it.
If you remember from my previous posts I was working on the pound of brown tones roving from Sheep Shed Studio. I finished that and ordered some white roving to experiment with dyeing. Here is my brown tones. It spun up like a brown tweed. I have now ordered some more hoping to get enough to knit a cardigan for this winter. Stay tuned for more yarn. I also have to tell you about my visit to Stony Woods Farms in Keller, TX where I met Mea Stone and her lovely goats, and dogs, and donkey and llama, ducks, chickens and.... oh yeah, her husband too.

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