Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Vacation

In June my daughter Katie and I went to Indiana to visit my brother Louie and sister-in-law Teri. They live in Denver, Indiana and have a canoe rental business on the Eel River called Miller's Canoe. They have a lovely piece of property there and I love to visit. If you are ever in the area during canoe season take a trip on the river. Its great. I'll have to include those pictures in another post. One of my favorite places to go when we are there is Shipshewana, Indiana. Its about 2 hours north of Louie near the state line. Its an Amish town where you can take a buggy ride, shop for lovely hand made gifts and eat fantastic food. Of course I had to look for a yarn shop while I was there this time and found one with lovely gardens out back and on the side of it.
Katie took several pictures of the horse and buggys as we were walking through the town. Here we are outside the Blue Gate Cafe. The food there is plentiful and excellent. The gardens outside the cafe are lovely also.
While in the yarn shop I found some really nice gray wool and some lovely green roving with bits of purple and yellow in it. My follow up posts will have pictures of the handspun yarn and what I'm doing with it.

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