Monday, August 24, 2009

Katie's Hat Finished!

Those of you who follow my blog will remember I posted pictures of a mohair/wool yarn I was working on for Katie's hat. Well, I have finished her hat and wanted to post pictures of it. I'm very pleased with it. Its a lovely shape and color and the mohair adds really nice texture.

I've taken pictures of it on the glass head we have. I'll be giving it to her next month when we are in Shreveport and will take pictures of her with it on and post those also.
The yarn was a bit harder to knit with due to the "stickyness" of the mohair so I switched from my usual Continental method of knitting (working yarn held in the left hand) to English method (working yarn held in the right hand) and that went much faster. I tried the hat on after finishing it and wore it for a few minutes in the house and BOY is it WARM! It should be great for this winter.

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