Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Booby Socks Finished!!!

I know, everyone laughs when I say Booby Socks, but they are supposed to make you laugh. :) They are so cute. It did take me a while to get these done since they have so much pattern in them but I did have fun with them. I especially liked the star toe for the decreases. It was easy and no

Kitchener Stitch at the end. However, I've never really had a problem with the Kitchener Stitch. Just don't interrupt me while I'm doing it!

I will be casting on two new pair in a few days. One will be with Alpaca Sox yarn using a pattern called Crocus Toe Up socks by my fav designer Wilma. I'll also be casting on with one of my other sock yarns yet to be determined for another of Wilma's patterns called Diamond Chains. I'll post pics of that when I get them started.

OTN now is Paton's Classic Wool in camo colors for another ribbed cap for my grandsons. They work up fast so I'll get them done quickly. Katie has also asked for a scarf out of the rest of the yarn I spun for her hat. I'll post pics of those when they are farther along too.


  1. I love these socks almost as much as I love the name! Beautiful color...beautiful stitches!

  2. What is funny is that I had them on the day we all had lunch and forgot to show you.... :)