Thursday, December 17, 2009

Waffle Stitch Socks

Since the Booby Socks are nearing the finish line I've started my next pair. I'm using Serenity sock yarn, the same yarn as Katie's Pedicure Socks are made from. I loved knitting with that yarn and it feels lovely on the feet. I got 2 skeins in the Chili colorway. I cast on last night using Judy Becker's Magic Cast on which you can find a demonstration by Cat Bordhi. Its my favorite cast on for toe up socks. I'm going to use a pattern from Wilma in my SocksToeUp Yahoo group called Waffle Stitch Toe Up Socks. I wanted to do some pattern but nothing too complicated since the self striping yarn would not show anything too complex. These should knit up fast as I am using size 2 needles. I used size 3 needles with the last pair and would like to have a tighter fabric.

I also wanted to show off my new project bag from Blue Tulips. I love these bags and she makes them for me with a divider so I can keep my 2 balls of yarn separate. While I'm knitting I fold down the top of the bag and lay it on its side with the balls side by side to keep me from tangling up my yarn while knitting 2 socks at a time. It reminds me to turn back and forth not around and around..... I love the sheep fabric. I had ordered one with that fabric to use as part of my gift exchange for the spinning guild.
I now have 3 of these bags, 2 smaller ones and one a bit larger. I think I may ask her if she can make one for me in the larger size that does not have a divider but has a plastic liner. In all her bags she puts a plastic pocket on the side. It would make a great bag to carry fiber in for spinning when going to meetings. It would look much nicer than a plastic zip loc bag! That would be perfect! If so, I will be sure to post a picture of it.

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