Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chili Socks Done!

I finished another pair of socks tonight. 10 days start to finish. Not bad huh? This is my 2nd pair using this Serenity sock yarn. Since it has bamboo as well as nylon and merino wool they are very soft and silky. I love these socks. I'm going to go backwards from the Paprika socks and try making Katie a pair of pedicure socks out of the leftovers of these... But I will try making hers "toe" up in case I run out of yarn. Gotta finish the Booby Socks before starting any new socks.


  1. Gorgeous socks. :-)
    I made a pair like them; same yarn; a couple months ago for myself. The yarn was a gift from a friend. I love how soft the bamboo in the yarn makes it -- have another pair in Paprika OTN, and bought two other colors for more socks for me.

  2. That is funny, I also have a pair in Paprika. I made pedicure socks for my daughter with that yarn and I had enough left over to make socks for myself.